This is one of my poems…

28 dec

Child of apocalypse

Born on the dirty ground
In a puddle of blood
On bare and rotten earth
In the world, filthy and obscene

As a spark of light she came
To overthrow the supreme
Feral child of blaze
Fated to rise from the bottom
In the twilight of the universe
A dam was severely shaking
Under the water blow
But whole nature stood still
No breath of the wind to flow
She slowly entered the water
The pulse of history started to pound
Bringing the ancient battle sound
Clamor of forces in brutal clash
Giving the mortal cry
Two powerful armies smashed
And blood soaked the sky

She stood in the water lifting to her waist
Her naked body flashed
And the moon obscured by its eclipse
Failed to greet
Child of apocalypse

Watching the outlines of trembling dam
When the rushing torrents crashed
She confronted the relentless force
With a fragile, childlike defiance


An example of written test for third year of high school

28 dec

1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
1 I __________________ (meet) the new employee at 4.30. Is there anything you’d like me to ask him?
2 Don’t call me on my mobile between four and five this afternoon because I __________________ (drive).
3 __________________ (the judges make) their decision by the end of today?
4 Don’t worry about phoning Martin with the news. I __________________ (tell him) at school.
5 Quick! Marian __________________ (faint)!
2 Choose the correct answers.
1 Assuming / In case she gets good results, where will she study?
2 Don’t worry about breaking the glass. It’s avoidable / replaceable.
3 Trying to answer this question is hopeless / mysterious.
4 Take your umbrella in case / if it rains later.
5 I won’t go to bed assuming that / until you get home.

3 Complete the sentence with the correct word
1 Could you set _______ a meeting for 10.30, please?
2 Jill finally owned _______ to eating the cake.
3 We’ve put his mistakes _______ to enthusiasm.

4 Complete the sentence with the correct word
1 There were dirty marks all over the carpet from the dog’s _______ .
2 In China they have a soup made from sharks’ _______ .
3 Birds eat snails by cracking open their _______ .
5 Complete the sentence with the correct form of the words in the box.
cow dog rat bee snake cat kitten wolf whale
1 The children had a _________ of a time at the Theme Park.
2 Dad’s in the _________ house because he forgot to get mum a birthday present.
3 A lot of people I know have moved out of the city to get away from the _________ race.
4 Jen’s cat has had _________ and we’re getting one at the weekend.
5 A pack of _________ attacked a man in the forest last winter.

History of english

28 dec

Watch this educational video which shows history of English language in an interesting way.

About my blog

28 dec

This blog is educational and will be used  to provide useful online  information to my students .Tune in and enjoy learning English trough entertaining and interesting texts and links. The main aim of this blog is to create student friendly environment while studying English.